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What are diversion programs in Missouri?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Diversion programs are alternatives to Missouri’s traditional court system that aim to rehabilitate rather than punish individuals charged with specific non-violent offenses.

Among the available programs in Missouri, there are dedicated initiatives tailored to specific issues, such as substance abuse, mental health, driving under the influence of alcohol, veterans’ trauma and general pretrial diversion programs.

Drug court

Drug court is a special program for people who suffer from substance abuse issues and want help. The program offers counseling and monitoring services to ensure compliance.

Mental health court

This program is designed for people with mental health issues. It offers treatment to address the underlying issues that contributed to the person’s criminal behavior.

Veterans’ treatment court

Veterans’ treatment court is a special court for veterans involved in the criminal justice system. This program treats mental health issues, substance abuse problems and other trauma-related conditions.

Adult and youth DWI courts

These programs are for qualifying adults and juveniles charged with DWIs and offer education, treatment and monitoring to rehabilitate them.

Pretrial diversion programs

These programs are of a more general nature and are in place for people charged with certain crimes. The programs allow them to avoid prosecution if they complete specific requirements.

Every program has its eligibility criteria, and diversion programs vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, they all have aspects in common: rehabilitating rather than punishing individuals who commit certain offenses.