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Divorce And Family Law

We also provide comprehensive family law services, including dissolution of marriage (divorce), child support and custody, and paternity.

Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

Under Missouri law, family law courts approach property division issues in dissolution of marriage cases similar to a business partnership. The parties are ordered to inventory and value all assets of the marital estate. The court will then undertake an equitable distribution of the estate. We also encourage parties to attempt settlement discussions outside of court. If they reach agreements, we will present them in a settlement proposal to the court for its review and approval.

Many emotional issues accompany the dissolution of marriage. It is easy for emotions to run high when discussing issues of maintenance or child custody. We have the experience to approach these issues with tact and rationality. We will take the time to listen to your desired outcome and review your post-divorce financial resources and plans. Yet if disputes do require divorce litigation, we will rely on our extensive trial experience to protect your interests.

Assisting With Paternity Cases

We also help clients with paternity and adoption issues. In a paternity case, a client wants the court system to legally determine a child’s father. Many important rights may attach to this type of proceeding such as custody of the child, visitation rights with respect to the child, and child support obligations. Adoptions also involve similar rights.

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