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Understanding Drug Charges

In Platte County, authorities aggressively enforce drug laws against the possession, trafficking, and/or distribution of controlled substances. Local police have cybercrimes and drug squad units, and various sting operations have been featured in the local media.

Protecting Your Right To Proper Police Procedures

Authorities do not have unchecked power. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures and requires warrants to be supported by probable cause. The Fifth and 14th amendments guarantee citizens due process of law. These constitutional rights apply to police and courtroom procedures.

Unfortunately, aggressive enforcement efforts often make short shrift of these rights. As a criminal defense law firm, we have seen countless instances where the court granted our motion to exclude key evidence because of improper police procedures. Without that evidence, prosecutors may not be able to meet their burden of proof and lose the case.

Exhausting All Investigative Leads

We exhaust all investigative leads in preparing your defense. Eyewitnesses may have a different recollection from the arresting officer’s. Dash cam footage may provide additional context or reveal unlawful police conduct. If we do discover that your constitutional rights were compromised by improper police conduct, we are experienced in bringing motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence.

Negotiating For Your Best Outcome

Sometimes the prosecution has strong evidence. Yet even in this situation, there may still be opportunities for negotiation. We rely on our experience in evaluating a prosecutor’s caseload, willingness to go to trial, and litigation skill. Many prosecutors and courts are overburdened with cases. Negotiations may result in lesser charges or a reduced sentence while saving everyone time and money.

Contact An Experienced Drug Charges Attorney

We have defended clients accused of all types of drug crimes, from simple drug possession to more sophisticated allegations. Our cases have also involved a wide variety of controlled substances, including marijuana, heroin and cocaine, and various recreational drugs. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you likely have many questions. Contact our office in Platte City to get answers today. Call 816-866-8022 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation with us.